'Man of Steel' Star Christina Wren Gives Birth to a Son

Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Christina Wren has a new member of her family.

Last week, she posted a photo to Instagram with the caption "My joy. My beloved. My son." This is her first child, she documented the pregnancy on Instagram, showing her travels and growth. No word on the name of the child, but we'll likely find out soon. Clark, maybe?

My joy. My beloved. My son.

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Christina is currently in production in several projects, which include Lazarus, a film about a 'superpowered vigilante' and Rehabilitation of the Hill, a comedy/drama. In Rehabilitation on the Hill she joins her Batman vs. Superman co-star General Swanwick aka Harry Lennix.

Unfortunately we haven't seen Christina in the DC universe since BvS - but when we talked to her on the red carpet for the film she was hopeful that her small role in the film would turn into a larger, more powerful one. ComicBook.com's Russ Burlingame asked her if she thought her character's last name might mean something -- Major Ferris -- and if she wanted to fill that role.

While her "he's kind of hot" went viral, the actress got the most attention for speculation that she might in fact be Carol Ferris, the love interest to Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern comics and the most recognizable member of the Star Sapphire Corps.

"Yes! Yes!" She said. "Like, absolutely! I mean, super-huge fan. Would die to be a superhero. My whole childhood growing up, I wanted to be a superhero and we didn't really have the female superheroes who were in the limelight at the time….To get to grow up and do that would be really a dream come true, but I'm waiting as much as anyone else."