Mark Millar & Stuart Immonen's Empress Movie Officially in Works with Producer, Writer Attached

empress2016001 cvr

Mark Millar's movie making Millarworld machine rolls on, as Empress now has a writer and producers attached to the film. F. Scott Frazier is writing the screenplay, and producers Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum will partner with Millar to bring the comicbook to life.

Kirschenbaum first teamed with Millar on Wanted, and is enthusiastically about working with him once more.

"Nobody creates universes that translate into big movie ideas better than Millar," he told THR. "With Empress he's raised the bar yet again. Part Star Wars, part Guardians of the Galaxy and part something wholly fresh that only the amazing brain of Millar could spawn."

The comic (co-created with artist Stuart Immonen), launched in April under Marvel Comics' creator-owned Icon imprint, is "the most ambitious story I've ever come up with," Millar said.

Frazier recently wrote XXX: The Return of Xander Cage for Vin Diesel. Joe Roth is producing that film, and has recently worked on both live-action Alice films and Maleficent for Disney, with over 60 production credits dating back to the late 1970s.


Millar currently has several films in various stages of production, with Kingsman 2 filming now, Supercrooks, American Jesus, Huck, Starlight, and Chrononauts all set up with various studios.