Marvel Studios Rumored to Be Interested in Alpha Flight Project

Wolverine might be the best known Canadian character in the Marvel library, but you better not [...]

Wolverine might be the best known Canadian character in the Marvel library, but you better not sleep on Alpha Flight. A cult classic team if there's ever been one, new rumors for the usual circles today suggest Marvel Studios could be bringing the team into live-action sooner rather than later. Surfacing from Knight Edge's Caleb Williams, it's posited the Kevin Feige-led outfit is interested in the team. Furthermore, scoop maestro Charles Murphy has gone on record again saying it's another one of the lesser-known properties Feige himself sees major potential in.

It's not the first time Alpha Flight has been discussed. Most recently, the team has been seen as a supporting troupe to Captain Marvel and her space-faring adventures meaning the group could be in the works for Captain Marvel 2. Once a property owned by 20th Century Fox due to their ties to the X-Men, Canadian filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska previously expressed interest in adapting the characters for a film.

Two years ago, Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin speculated Alpha Flight could soon arrive in the MCU in an episode of their podcast, then titled Fatman on Batman.

"I might go safe and go with Alpha Flight," Smith said to big applause. "No. 1 it's Canadian so of course that plays well up here, but I wasn't going for like 'Canadian diversity', I was going for, Northstar is the first openly gay comic book character so that might be a way to kind of push the line a little bit, and you know you're not going "come see the movie about the gay superhero all by himself'. He's in a team ya know, so then maybe it goes down a little smoother and I didn't mean that in a dirty way."

"For those at home who are like 'I don't like my superheroes gay' and then you give them a f****** team picture and the one character's gay and then they walk out of the movie going 'I love gay superheroes, more!' That's my dream," he added.

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