Men In Black: International Trailer Without Music or Sound Effects Is a Beautiful, Horrifying Sight

A new trailer for Men in Black: International debuted late last week, giving fans their latest [...]

A new trailer for Men in Black: International debuted late last week, giving fans their latest look at the upcoming sci-fi spy movie. But thanks to one snafu, a rather out-of-the-box version of the trailer has made the rounds online.

A version of the Men in Black: International trailer without music and most of its audio has surfaced online, which was reportedly accidentally uploaded by Sony before being deleted shortly after. Thankfully, a few fan-uploaded versions have preserved the delightfully bizarre video, which you can check out above.

Weirdly enough, this isn't the first major trailer in recent years to endure this sort of fate, with a mostly sound-less take on Universal's The Mummy accidentally going viral in 2016. But seeing it happen to Men in Black: International certainly puts the trailer in a whole other awkward context, especially with Agent H's (Chris Hemsworth) screams into the void.

Men in Black: International will star Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as two MIB agents who are dragged into a globe-trotting conspiracy.

"The genesis of the whole thing is a young girl whose life had been altered by an encounter with Men in Black," Thompson revealed in a previous interview. "And the idea is that unlike Will [Smith] in the original films, she's a protagonist who hasn't been recruited but has found them."

"The [series'] style is so deliberate in its design and storytelling," executive producer E. Bennett Walsh explained. "It's not a standard action movie. It has a certain point of view, and some of the humor is that very matter-of-factness."

"We went into the project knowing the deep affection we and the fans have for Will and Tommy," director F. Gary Gray added. "We're not replacing them, simply adding to their team."

The film will also star Emma Thompson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rebecca Ferguson, and Liam Neeson.

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Men in Black: International arrives in theaters on June 14th.