Army of Thieves Star Teases Return in Future Netflix Spinoffs

One Army of Thieves star is teasing a return in a future Netflix project. Nathalie Emmanuel sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the Zack Snyder film. A lot of people loved Army of Thieves and there's an appetite for more zombie action from the filmmaker. Emmanuel doesn't know if Gwen will appear next, but it seems likely. There's already been one big prequel project for Army of the Dead. So, this universe could actually go in a bunch of different directions. With the way the first film ended, there could even be a sequel in the future. Netflix is looking for any and all wins right now. So, fans shouldn't be shocked if it gets announced sometime in the future. For now, the actress is just hanging out and enjoying the ride. Here's what she had to say.

"I don't know anything about the future of those characters. I mean, I've heard whispers about future things, but I couldn't tell you anything concrete about what is going to happen, if anything is going to happen. But I completely agree that it would be really fun for those two to reunite. The journey of their story was just really fun, especially from Gwen's point of view. She goes from being highly irritated by this man to sort of falling in love with him," she chuckled. "Their whole chemistry was so great, and I'd love to do it again. So hopefully, we get to."

As for the process of making the first movie, the star says that it was a gratifying experience. During the first bit of the pandemic, a cloud of uncertainty hung over the entire enterprise. So, the actors on-set had to make the best of it. Their hard work paid off and millions enjoyed the Netflix film.

"I was so happy with how that turned out," Emmanuel said. "That was such a fun movie [despite] shooting during COVID. I was just so pleased with how exciting and fun the story was. And it's funny with high action. I also got to do some cool fight scenes, so I just loved that experience." 

"In a way, Gwen sacrificing herself is very noble because she brought Dieter [Matthias Schweighöfer] into it. He was just living his life, and she got him into this," she added. "So she did the right thing. Well, from her own perspective, she did the right thing. She knew that she'd done many more bad things than Dieter had, and so she let him go. And I thought that was honorable. It shows her strength, her bravery and her courage as a woman and a hero."

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