Lost Ollie Trailer Released by Netflix

Netflix released a brand new trailer for Lost Ollie this week. The cute CGI feature from Shannon Tindle echoes a bit of Toy Story, but the creative team knew that their work would be put into conversation with the Pixar Animation mega-hit. Tindle's previous work includes the stunning Kubo and the Two Strings. So, people are expecting big things from the little toy lost in the world. Entertainment Weekly spoke to the animator about his approach to some of these storytelling tropes.

"I thought there was an opportunity in there to subvert it," he told EW back in July. "It was an opportunity rather than an obstacle to have people imagine that this is something more akin to Toy Story, and maybe even Homeward Bound. That way, we could continue to surprise them because the tone has a wide range. Here's the setup, here's the big adventure, here's the fun in episode 1. We continue that quest in episode 2. And then we start to gut punch you a little bit with things that happen to Ollie."

"It's definitely an adventure, it's definitely fun, but I also wanted it to deal with loss," Tindle added. "I don't think people talk about it enough. I wanted to have something that talked about it right up front, worn on his sleeve." 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's director Peter Ramsey's work on Rise of the Guardians ended up being a big inspiration for the animator. "I know he went through the loss of both his wife and his daughter," Tindle notes of Ollie's Odyssey author William Joyce. "That's what I connected to most in the story: the heart of what he had gone through."

He says, "There are actual shots in the show that were shot in my hometown. We have these characters that are wholly created [with] effects, but they're walking down highways that I grew up driving along."


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