Netflix's Masters of the Universe Movie Reboot Is "Dead"

It looks like Netflix might not have the power. On Tuesday, a report from Variety confirmed that Netflix's long-gestating adaptation of Masters of the Universe is officially no longer in the works. The movie would have been inspired by the beloved fantasy franchise of Mattel toys, and would have starred West Side Story and Rosaline actor Kyle Allen in the lead role of He-Man. Sources cited in the report indicate that the Masters of the Universe reboot was expected to begin filming this past February, with a budget of over $200 million, before that budget was downgraded to $150 million amid financial woes at Netflix. The studio even reportedly considered filming Masters of the Universe and a possible sequel film back-to-back to help simplify costs.

Development of this Masters of the Universe reboot has reportedly already cost close to $30 million, including money to keep Allen and directors Adam and Aaron Nee, who previously helmed The Lost City, attached to the project. Other sources claim that the all-in costs on the development's budget are closer to $60 million, and that Netflix ultimately scrapped the project due to these budget concerns.

What Is Masters of the Universe About?

Set on the planet Eternia, Masters of the Universe largely focuses on the conflict between He-Man, a blonde muscle god, and his devious nemesis Skeletor. The franchise originally began in an animated series and toy line in the 1980s, before spinning out into comics and a cult-classic live-action movie led by Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella in 1987.

The franchise has already spawned two successful animated series on Netflix — She-Ra and the Princess of Power, and Masters of the Universe: Revolution. 

Who Has Been Attached to the Masters of the Universe Movie?

Reports have swirled around the Masters of the Universe reboot for several years now, courting everyone from directors McG and Jon M. Chu to possible stars Kellan Lutz and Noah Centineo.

"It's so important to us that we don't shortchange this material," Aaron Nee explained in a previous interview with ScreenRant"This is a huge movie, but it feels like it's our baby. It feels like we've got the the kind of closeness and affection that we would have for an indie project. It's so important to us that we get to take the audience to Eternia in a way where it feels like a rich, well-developed real place, like you are going to a real world and experiencing a real culture. Then also just having the kind of attention to detail for the adventure elements and all of those things and the costuming and the build time for all of those things, nothing is rushed, it's [being] done right."

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