Netflix Pokes Fun at Itself With Viral Tweet

Over the last decade, nothing has become a staple in most of our lives quite like Netflix. From [...]

Over the last decade, nothing has become a staple in most of our lives quite like Netflix. From original content to the comfort of our favorite sitcoms, we love the streaming service. One under-appreciated aspect of the site is its hilarious presence on social media.

While multiple people probably run the Netflix Twitter account, its' fun to think of it as its own person, just making fun of itself for all to enjoy. Yesterday, Netflix outdid itself with a now-viral tweet.

"Hello, I'm a Netflix. You may know me from my greatest hits including: 'Are you still watching?' 'Obscure foreign show you'll love if you give subtitles a chance' 'Wanna watch a serial killer doc at 3am?' 'Overly specific categories' 'Yes, we still have The Office and Friends,'" they wrote.

Of course, there are many layers to this joke that, like Netflix's content, range from obvious to obscure. Who among us hasn't been frustrated by the 'Are you still watching?' feature? Yes, Netflix, we're always still watching.

And from "20th Century Period Pieces for ages 11 to 12," to "Critically-acclaimed Understated Father-Son Dramas," there is a whole world of obscure titles we're not even aware of.

As stated in the self-burn tweet, there are lots of foreign options and murderous options, the latter of which does somehow sound more appealing in the middle of the night. The best of the best, though, is the tweet's reference to Friends and The Office. Without these classic sitcoms, it's safe to say a lot of people probably wouldn't need Netflix.

In fact, when they announced they were taking Friends off the streaming service at the beginning of 2019, there was some serious backlash. Netflix ended up paying about $80 million to continue licensing through the year. It's unclear if the show will remain on the site after that, however, The Hollywood Reporter reported that it could be a part of a multiyear deal.

The Netflix tweet got some great replies, including one from the dating app, Tinder.

"Honestly your Tinder bio looks amazing," Tinder wrote.

"thanks bb," Netflix replied with a winky face.

Social media has made our apps feel like people who flirt with one another and it's both bizarre and hilarious.

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