Ryan Reynolds and The Rock Are Dominating Netflix Charts

It's no secret that Red Notice has been an absolute freight train for Netflix. The original action comedy stars a trio of the biggest names in Hollywood and has already become the most-watched Netflix movie in the streamer's history. Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot's new movie is a hit around the world, but other films starring a couple of those stars are also making waves for Netflix, despite not being new releases.

Netflix has recently started sharing more specific streaming numbers in a series of weekly Top 10 charts, allowing users to see exactly what is performing well on the service. it should come as no surprise that Red Notice topped the global movie charts for the second straight week, logging more than 129 million hours viewed from November 15th through November 21st. What may be surprising, however, is seeing both Johnson and Reynolds with other movies on the global charts.

Central Intelligence, the 2016 film starring Johnson and Kevin Hart, was the fourth-most popular movie on Netflix last week. The film had nearly 15 million hours viewed last week, despite not being available in the United States and various other markets. Also rising through the ranks for some reason is 6 Underground, Michael Bay's 2019 Netflix original film that stars Reynolds as the leader of a mysterious collection of mercenaries. The movie made waves when it was released two years ago but hasn't really been talked about much in the time sense. The release of Red Notice probably changed that.

6 Underground came in at number nine in last week's Netflix ratings, with 7.7 million hours viewed around the globe. Unlike Central Intelligence, 6 Underground is available in most Netflix markets, given that it's an original to the streaming service.

Johnson and Reynolds are the kind of stars that don't need help boosting their movies on streaming services, but Red Notice has certainly done just that. Red Notice has been a success on multiple fronts, seeing as how it has led to more viewership for other films on Netflix. If Gal Gadot had any other popular movies on Netflix, they would undoubtedly be seeing a bump from Red Notice as well.

What did you think of Netflix's Red Notice? Have you been revisiting older Johnson and Reynolds movies since it came out? Let us know in the comments!