New 'Hellboy' Trailer Reportedly Attached to Theater Showings This Weekend

Brace yourselves, Hellboy fans — it appears a second trailer for the upcoming movie is imminent. Theaters have started receiving their preview lists for this weekend and it looks like Hellboy will be making an appearance in theaters.

First posted to /r/Hellboy, a preview listing shows that the second Hellboy trailer will be attached to some showings of Greta, a thriller starring Chloe Grace Moretz.

Trailer 2 will be placed on some showings of Greta this weekend from r/HellBoy

The listen says the trailer has a runtime of two minutes and 23 seconds, about six seconds longer than the initial teaser trailer released last December.

Should the trailer be attached to movies in theaters this weekend, it stands to reason the trailer would be released online sometime before then to reach as large of audience as possible. Earlier this month, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola said a new trailer was imminent in a now-deleted tweet.

Though Mignola didn't specify when exactly, he teased the second trailer would be "so much better," after the first debuted to a lukewarm reception from fans. According to Mignola himself, this year's Hellboy reboot is going to be "very different" than the two previous live-action films from Guillermo Del Toro.

"Well, I mean, if anything, we're trying to do something very different," the writer explained. "Basically, there's no part of Hellboy that was ever going to be like other superhero movies. And the more Marvel stuff there is, the more DC stuff there is, Hellboy never really feels like—even in the [Guillermo] del Toro things—a superhero movie."

"It's so much "big teams of guys, in costumes, running around and saving the world from big cosmic menace stuff..." I believe the new movie will feel even less like a regular superhero thing," Mignola continued. "The idea with this one was to make it play much less like a superhero film, to downplay the superhero elements even more than del Toro did. This one is much more folklore/mythology/horror, and not 'big team rushing into to do battle with whatever kind of stuff.'"

Hellboy is out April 12th.

Are you looking forward to Harbour's take on Hellboy? Any big Hellboy characters you hope to see in this reboot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation online by hitting me up on Twitter at @AdamBarnhardt to chat all things Hellboy!



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