Nicolas Cage's Newest Hit Is Finally on a Streaming Service

Nicolas Cage is an actor with over 100 acting credits to his name. He's known for an array of Oscar-winning films such as Moonstruck, Leaving Las Vegas, and Adaptation as well as action-packed fan-favorites like Face/Off, The Rock, and National Treasure. This year, Cage has appeared in three movies: Prisoners of Ghostland, Willy's Wonderland, and Pig. However, only one Cage flick from 2021 has gotten praise from critics and audiences alike. Pig is currently up on Rotten Tomatoes with a 97% critics score after 237 reviews and an 84% audience score after 250+ reviews. If you've been curious about Pig, you're in luck, because it's now streaming on Hulu

Pig follows Cage as a former renowned chef who lives alone in the Oregon wilderness until he's forced to his return to his past in Portland after his beloved truffle-forging pig is stolen. The movie hit Hulu on November 26th. You can take a look at their full November schedule below:

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cage spoke about the current status of his career and revealed if he has any plans to retire.

"At my age, the job that I have is to stay interested, because if I'm not interested, you're not going to be interested," Cage explained. "It gets more difficult the older we get. So I have to find new ways of expressing myself, new challenges. But I do think, God willing, that once I finish the next two movies, I'm going to take some time off, because I think it's time to recharge."

"No, no, no. No, no. That can't happen," Cage said of retirement. "To do what I do in cinema has been like a guardian angel for me, and I need it. I'm healthier when I'm working, I need a positive place to express my life experience, and filmmaking has given me that. So I'm never going to retire. Where are we now, 117 movies? [Laughs] What's funny is, my argument with people who go, 'You work too much,' was 'I like working, and it's healthy, I'm happy when I'm working, and by the way, guys like Cagney and Bogart, they were doing hundreds of movies.' And then I went, 'I'd better check that,' and I went, 'Oops.' [Laughs] Jerry Lewis was one of my friends, and he and I would go and have dinner together, and he would say, 'How many movies you got?' I go, 'I got about 100, how many you got?' 'I got 40. So you got twice as much as me?' 'Well, I didn't know that, Jerry.'"

Pig is now streaming on Hulu.