Pacific Rim Composer Recruits Tom Morello For Soundtrack Help

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Besides playing on the upcoming Bruce Springsteen album, Rolling Stone also revealed today that Tom Morello will be playing on the upcoming soundtrack for Pacific Rim, director Guillermo del Toro's zombies-versus-robots epic from Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Ramin Djawadi, who has worked with Morello in the past on Iron Man, told the magazine that their sounds also helped contribute the film's overall tone, including helping to define some of the sounds you'll hear coming out of the robots and monsters that duke it out in the film. "Guillermo and I were discussing adding a rock element to the score and Tom's unique style and sounds really defined our robots," Djawadi told the magazine. Added Morello, "When they asked me to put some giant robot riffs and screaming underwater monster licks on the film score, I was all in." The soundtrack will be in stores tomorrow.