Patrick Stewart Had A Real Levitating Chair In X-Men: Days Of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past may have had tons of fantastical technology, but one of the film's props was very much a piece of reality.

Professor X's floating chair, which actor Patrick Stewart assumed in Days of Future Past's dystopian future scenes, really did levitate as viewers saw on-screen.

"I loved my superhero costume and my flying chair in Days of Future Past," Stewart recently wrote during a Reddit AMA. "The chair actually levitated, but only a few inches."

Unfortunately, Stewart didn't divulge how the chair actually levitated. Some Reddit responders posited, however, that it was through magnets and a metal track on the film's set.

Either way, it seems that reality is inching ever-closer to uncanny universe occupied by the X-Men. Let's just hope those Sentinels remain a work of fiction.


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