'Predator' Gets Its Own Whiskey

If you've ever seen the popular film Predator and thought, "if only there were an alcoholic beverage I could enjoy right now that reminds me of the film I just watched," you're in luck and not alone. Silver Screen Bottling Company and Fox Studios have partnered to launch something called Dutch Bourbon Whiskey, a Predator-themed whiskey.

The name and branding are, of course, direct reference to Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, the character portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 film. According to a press release from Silver Screen Bottling Company, the drink has "full-bodied flavor" with "hints of vanilla, coconut, and bergamont."

The spirit's label features a military helicopter in the crosshairs of what appears to be a Predator on a camouflage background. Schwarzenegger's famous "get to the chopper" shout also features at the bottom. While the label doesn't come right out and say, "hey, this is Predator-branded whiskey," it certainly isn't quiet about it either.

You can check out images of the label and the bottle with the label on it below:

(Photo: Silver Screen Bottling Company)
(Photo: Silver Screen Bottling Company)

Bottles of Dutch Bourbon Whiskey sell for $34.99, though it's currently only available for "presale" over at its website. This isn't the first time Silver Screen Bottling Company has created a branded spirit, with previous attempts having included the likes of Star Trek and the video game franchise Fallout.


What do you think of the Predator whiskey? Are you looking forward to pouring some of your own, or would you rather not get to the chopper? Let us know in the comments!