Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder May Bring Familiar Faces

After spending quite a few years working on a cinematic universe for DC, director Zack Snyder has found himself a new home over at Netflix. His zombie passion project Army of the Dead debuted on the service earlier this year and found some serious success, performing well enough to earn a sequel, animated prequel TV series, and spinoff movie about safe crackers. Before Snyder moves on to the next Army of the Dead movie, though, he's putting together a massive sci-fi blockbuster for Netflix.

The new movie is called Rebel Moon, and it's a project Snyder has wanted to work on for some time. As development for that film continues, the Snyder will eventually start piecing together its cast, and there's a good chance he calls up some familiar faces. While talking with about the upcoming Army of Thieves, Snyder said he'd be interested in bringing some of his usual suspects back for Rebel Moon.

"Always. I mean, I love my guys. I always call these guys. I like my acting family and I always, if they're not busy or whatever, it's always an honor to get to work with them again," Snyder told us. "Like Billy Crudup and all those guys. It's always like, these are people. It's just that I have been really fortunate and worked with such great people and consider so many of them my friends that, yeah, that'd be great."

Snyder is known for building close relationships with his cast and crew members, a fact that's made very clear with the existence of Army of Thieves. This new Army of the Dead prequel/spinoff focuses on safe-cracker Dieter, played by Matthias Schweighöfer. Now only did the Army of the Dead star return to lead this spinoff, but he also stepped in as its director. 

"His creativity and his fantastic eye," Schweighöfer said of Snyder. "He has so much, his energy and his visionary ideas. And Zack told me if you want to create things, you really have to create. Take your time. Be there, be focus, be present. And dream big. You're allowed to dream big. You can do everything. It's your space. So yeah, that's what I took. Because I'm a thief, that's what I took from him on the set of Army of Thieves."

Army of Thieves debuts on Netflix on October 29th.