Robert Kirkman's Hardcore Movie Gets Godzilla vs Kong Director

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's and Marc Silvestri's comic miniseries Hardcore has a [...]

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's and Marc Silvestri's comic miniseries Hardcore has a movie adaptation in the works, and Universal has reportedly tapped Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard to direct it. Kirkman has written the outline for the Hardcore movie's story, and Wingard will co-write the script alongside Will Simmon. The Hardcore comic was released by Skybound and Image Comics; Kirkman will produce the film alongside Skybound's David Alpert, Bryan Furst and Sean Furst; Wingard will executive produce the film as well. Wingard's directorial slate has quickly filled up, as he has a Face/Off sequel in the works at Paramount, while Legendary wants him back for another installment of its MonsterVerse franchise.

If you're not familiar with the Hardcore comic series of the late 2010s, here's the synopsis of issue #1:

Imagine being able to take over the body of anyone on Earth. Sound crazy? Not for Agent Drake and the Hardcore Program. They can turn any person into a human drone to get to targets that normal soldiers can't. Drake is the best soldier Hardcore has to offer. But when he gets stranded in a body with only 72 hours to discover who's hijacked the Program, he'll have to pull out all the stops against an enemy who could be literally anyone. From the creative minds of ROBERT KIRKMAN and MARC SILVESTRI, and presented by ANDY DIGGLE (THIEF OF THIEVES, Losers) and ALESSANDRO VITTI (Secret Warriors)...

Robert Kirkman Hardcore Comic Movie Director Adam Wingard
(Photo: Skybound - Image Comics)

If you're a cinema fan that did a lot of binge-viewing during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, this premise may sound a lot like the film Possessor, which came from the mind of Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg. Of course, Possessor's story of an assassin hijacking bodies to make hits was definitely an arthouse piece, while Kirkman and Silvestri's series want for more of an action route. Agent Drake finds himself stuck in the body of one of America's most wanted criminals, having to sneak back into America and save the compromised Hardcore program before a nuke gets blown by terrorists. In that sense, I may go more hand-and-hand with Wingard's Face/Off sequel than Possessor.

Robert Kirkman's world of creations continues to expand across both the big and small screens. The Walking Dead is now an entire franchise universe (with movies on the way), and Kirkman co-created the series Invincible, whose animated adaptation is a dark horse hit on Amazon Prime Video, with two more seasons already greenlit, and a movie adaptation on the way as well.

We'll keep you updated on the status of the Hardcore movie

via: THR