Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to Be Re-Released in Theaters

Over the past decade, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has grown into one of the most beloved comic book movie adaptations, thanks to its irreverent style and its talented cast and crew. With the ten-year anniversary of the film set to come up this August, it sounds like those tied to it are going to help fans experience the magic all over again. During a virtual watch party hosted by The Oscars, Scott Pilgrim director and co-writer Edgar Wright teased that the film will be re-released in theaters at some point, as part of a partnership with Dolby Cinema.

Granted, there's currently no indication of when this re-release will happen, especially as a majority of movie theaters have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As Alison Pill, who played Kim Pine in the film, recently told, the nature of the pandemic initially put talks of a reunion slightly on hold.

"I don't know. Again, who knows now because everything's up in the air. If we have movie theaters to go back to, we'll see," Pill explained to in April. "But I know we were trying to get everybody together for the anniversary, because it would be fun to see everyone. That's a good group of people."

And Michael Cera - who starred as the film's titular character - also told us that he'd love to reunite with the film's ensemble cast in any capacity.

"For me, that 'well' would just mean being around that group again," Cera recently explained to "It was such a great group. Fortunately, we all do get together and it really was like a great band or something and we all loved being around each other and that happens, obviously, less and less, but when the movie was coming out and even a few years after that, we were all hanging out quite a lot."


"Bill Pope, who's the cinematographer, was doing brunches quite regularly with his wife Sharon," Cera added. "It really felt like an extended family. It's 10 years later, so obviously life, for everybody, is doing their own thing. I would love, if it meant getting everyone to hang out for a while again, I would love that. Hopefully, this being the 10th anniversary, it will give us some excuse to get together."

Will you be checking out Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's theatrical re-release, whenever it happens? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!