Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Star Brandon Routh Just Destroyed Sequel Hopes

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has become a cult hit since its box office run 10 years ago. The film took in a mere $48.1 million at the box office but has since become much more popular as new eyes have landed on the title with many of its stars going on to much bigger titles. Brandon Routh, who played Todd Ingram in the movie, is casting doubt on any chance of sequel coming along, though. While th actor known best for his roles in Superman Returns and CW's Legends of Tomorrow is game to return to that world, it seems to be a slim chance he and others would be afforded the opportunity.

"I mean, I think that's probably a 1," Routh said a Speedy Comics Con when asked to rate the chances of a Scott Pilgrim on a 10 scale. Unfortunately, a 1 is the lowest possibility. "I just don't think Bryan Lee O'Mally, who wrote the books, the wonderful books, is thinking about a sequel," Routh explained. "Will we see Scott Pilgrim in a different iteration? It could be used, telling a similar story could be done in a different way, I suppose. I don't know about a sequel. I'm on board, absolutely on board. The success of the movie that we did, and it's certainly gained a lot more popularity and fan cred over the teen years since it came out, so it's got a much bigger audience so I think it'd be at the box office. People would be excited about it if they did do one but I know nothing about anything being in the works for a sequel."

It's a bit of a different tune by comparison to his optimistic perspective of the possibility of returning to Superman, again.

Still, other cast members from the Scott Pilgrim family have their own ideas about a potential sequel. For example, Mary Elizabeth Winstead shared her idea for where the story could go during in interview in promotion of her Birds of Prey movie in early 2020.


"You know what, I think that would be so cool. I would be so curious to know what happened to these characters when they're in their mid 30s as opposed to the sort of 20 slacker thing," Winstead told "So I think it would be really interesting. We always talked about a sequel when we were doing it, but we always imagined it would be like, still like a year later. Where are they? But I think it's way more fascinating to know where they'd be 10 years later. I'm down for it."

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