Small Soldiers Fan Makes Epic Chip Hazard Cosplay

Fans of the hit 1998 movie Small Soldiers should be ready to pick their jaw up off the floor after seeing this as one super fan has created an unbelievable and awesome new cosplay recreating one of the characters from the film. WhoJohnQuade on TikTok posted a video of them trying on their costume, based on the Chip Hazard character (voiced by Tommy Lee Jones in the movie) and it's tremendous. Composed of a handful of different 3D printed pieces (created by J.R. DeJesus, @jok3rz_customs) they're so big they have to be put on in layers. Check out the video of them trying it on for the first time below!

For those perhaps unfamiliar, Small Soldiers told the tale of a defense contractor acquiring a toy company, with innovations demands for their new products quickly required of them to maximize profits (can you see where the prescient satire is at?). As a result this causes two toy designers to implant powerful learning computers inside two new toy lines, one a peaceful and fantasy-learning tribe of animals called the Gorgonites and the other a brutal militaristic group, the Commando Elite. All out war breaks out in a small town as these toys arrive on the scene, resulting in a lot of pint-sized mayhem.


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As you can see above, WhoJohnQuade's project in creating the ultimate Chip Hazard cosplay, modeled after the actual action figure released in tandem with the film, has been a long time coming and it seems to be near completion. Though the above was posted less than two days ago it has already wracked up 445k views as of this writing. They've also posted several other videos about its construction going into detail about individual pieces as well as the accessories they've crafted for the costume.

At the time of its release Small Soldiers wasn't a tremendous success for the studio, grossing $87 million off of a reported budget of $40 million. Despite being a satire of mass marketing, toys, militarization, and capitalism as a whole, the film naturally had a huge merchnadising push with action figures, toys, and dolls based on the character seen in the film being released to the public. 

It was previously reported that a remake of hte property was in the works at 20th Century Fox back in 2014 with Fast and the Furious director Justin Lin attached. The film never made it to the production phase and the potential for a sequel, reboot, or revival has never publicly been acknowledged since.