Berserk Cosplay Focuses On The Armor Of Guts

Just in time for the spooky season, Berserk cosplayers are sharing some of their takes on what is considered to be one of the most brutal, horrific franchises in the history of anime which follows the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the rest of the Band of the Hawk. With the black swordsman facing an uphill battle as he attempts to take on a world full of demons known as Apostles, he eventually gained a suit of armor that would help him in cutting through legions of monsters but came at a serious price.

Earlier this year, it was unfortunately revealed that Berserk's creator, Kentaro Miura, had passed away, with the anime and manga community mourning the loss of the legendary mangaka. With the final chapter of Berserk by Miura released earlier this fall, the future of the manga series is still up in the air, as fans debate whether Kentaro's assistants will take over where their mentor had left off. In the final chapters of the manga, Miura was diving into the origins of the Berserker armor, which also tied into the early story of the mysterious Skull Knight who helped save both Guts and Casca from the Eclipse that remains one of the darkest moments of the series to date.

Instagram Cosplayer All Or Nothing Cosplay shared this new take on the Berserker Armor that Guts relies on when he is faced with a demon that is far too powerful for his normal form to take on, but might just shred apart his insides and bones in the process as his rage is unleashed in the process: 

The future of Berserk isn't just uncertain in the world of manga, but in anime as well as no new series have been announced following the latest 2017 season that took place following the Golden Age Arc. While the anime series was quite controversial based on many in the anime community feeling that the animation wasn't able to live up to the artwork that had been created by Kentaro Miura, it will be interesting to see where the Band of the Hawk appears next in the world of media.

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