Todd McFarlane Shares Look At Spawn On The Big Screen In 'Ready Player One'

Todd McFarlane's Spawn is headlining his own movie soon, but earlier this month fans got to see (a [...]

Todd McFarlane's Spawn is headlining his own movie soon, but earlier this month fans got to see (a version of) him on the big screen in Steven Spielberg's pop-culture blockbuster Ready Player One.

McFarlane, who excitedly shared the news just before the film came out, did not yet have an image from the film's climactic battle to share with the audience -- but earlier today he jumped onto Instagram with an official look at Spawn's Ready Player One avatar.

While Ready Player One had nothing to do with McFarlane's Spawn comics or movie, the veteran writer/artist/publisher has repeatedly expressed excitement at being invited to the party.

In the shot, Spawn is launching an attack flanked by Batgirl, The Flash, The Joker, He-Man, and one of the gremlins from Gremlins.

The first Spawn movie, made in 1997, was produced by New Line Cinema, who were owned by Time Warner at the time. Years later, New Line would formally merge with Warner Bros., who made Ready Player One.

McFarlane recently posted a video on his Facebook page confirming Spawn's appearance in the movie. The creator said that, if you pay very close attention, "There's a big scene, and for a brief second, you're gonna see Spawn in Ready Player One."

McFarlane goes onto say that Spawn is "leading the charge," which is a reference to the actual scene in which he appears.

Many of the trailers have revealed a massive fight scene in the movie, in which many of the characters, including the Iron Giant, march into battle. This is, as many assumed, the big fight scene in the third act of the movie. When the hordes of Oasis players arrive at the battleground, various shots show all kinds of characters from different comics and movies. This is where Spawn makes his cameo.

Ready Player One is in theaters now. Todd McFarlane will direct a more horror-tinged take on Spawn, which goes into production later this year.