Original Spawn Movie Star Weighs in on Delays of Upcoming Reboot

One of the comic book movies fans are most excited for is the new take on Spawn starring Jamie [...]

One of the comic book movies fans are most excited for is the new take on Spawn starring Jamie Foxx and directed by Todd McFarlane, yet star of the 1997 Spawn, Michael Jai White, recently addressed how the project is seemingly earning a number of behind-the-scenes delays, implying that the idea of a new Spawn is enticing to fans and will continue to earn updates yet substantial momentum shouldn't be expected. While the actor didn't disparage the upcoming project or anyone involved with it, the actor noted that the ambitious plan for a new film McFarlane once shared with him might be why the project hasn't yet moved forward.

"I don't know Todd to be a director at all. It's kind of like Stan Lee: He created the character but he doesn't direct him and I guess somebody would have to pony up a lot of money for Todd McFarlane to direct for his first time directing this movie idea that he has," White shared with CBR. "I've heard about Jamie Foxx starring in it and wish them well. I don't know, maybe it continues because this is what people like to hear from Todd McFarlane. He can get attention by promising another Spawn; I don't get it."

Of the film's plot at one point, White noted, "[McFarlane's] been trying to get a new movie up and going for 23 years so I don't know. The last time I saw him, he was telling me about his idea of Spawn being ethereal fog that you don't see, like Jaws, and he strikes and you never see him and I'm like, 'Okay, good luck with that!' Personally, I wish him well, that would be a major investment."

The new reboot was first announced back in 2017, with Blumhouse Studios developing the project. The studio's tendency to develop horror films, as well as recent years seeing them seek unconventional projects, makes it seem like the perfect studio to bring Spawn to life for a new generation.

Despite the lack of official updates on the project, both McFarlane and Blumhouse founder Jason Blum often make promising teases about the film when asked about it, often noting that there is still behind-the-scenes progress and that it's only a matter of time before those updates are officially revealed.

Stay tuned for updates on the future of Spawn.

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