Peyton Reed Talks About Ant-Man's Spider-Man Reference

Ant-Man isn't the only insect based super hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Be warned, the following contains spoilers for what will otherwise be an epic moment for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Ant-Man! Continue if you dare!

Spider-Man was sent back home to Marvel Studios following a deal with Sony and is set to debut in Captain America: Civil War, played by English actor Tom Holland. As many folks know by now, the near-end of Ant-Man contained a reference to Spider-Man by saying, "we've got one that jumps, we've got one that swings, we've got one that crawls up the walls."

We had the chance to speak with Ant-Man director Peyton Reed following one of Ant-Man's very first screenings and get his thoughts on the Spider-Man reference in his film. "Well, as everything the Marvel Universe, things are constantly changing and evolving," Reed told exclusively. "It was something that very late in the game happened. We had those conversations about, 'Are we going to deal with it in our movie? Should we deal with it in our movie and if so, how?' We liked the idea of just dropping a little, tiny reference toward the end of the movie. That excited me. Just to have that connection with a character I grew up loving - it was great."


To see and hear the reference for yourself, be sure to go check out Ant-Man which is now playing in theaters!