Spontaneous: One of the Best Films of 2020 Is Finally on Streaming Services

One of the very best movies to be released in 2020 is now available to stream on not one, but two major streaming services. The film in question is Spontaneous, the explosive directorial debut from Love and Monsters scribe Brian Duffield. In the wee hours of Monday morning, Spontaneous was added to Hulu and Amazon's Prime Video service, where it can now be streamed with a subscription. Until this point, the film was only available to purchase or rent on video on-demand services.

Not only is Spontaneous one of the best films to come out of last year, but it also may be one of 2020's most criminally under-advertised. There's a good chance you probably haven't heard of Spontaneous before. The film was dumped in theaters during what we'll call "the Tenet times," when theaters attempted to reopen for a few weeks in the fall in order to facilitate Christopher Nolan's latest film. That period obviously didn't last long, and every movie released during that time not named Tenet was quickly forgotten about, or never really noticed in the first place. Spontaneous was amongst those releases, which is incredibly disappointing, because the film is absolute home run.

There are 58 total critic reviews for Spontaneous on Rotten Tomatoes as of April 12th. 57 of those reviews are positive. There is no shortage of love for Spontaneous out there, and now everyone with a Hulu or Prime subscription will be able to experience its joys as well.

Spontaneous stars Katherine Langford as a high school student who sees a classmate explode in the middle of a lecture one day. There's no rhyme or reason as to why this happens, but it continues to happen to other students in her graduating class. In the midst of the chaos that consumes senior year, Mara ends up falling in love with Dylan, played by Charlie Plummer, and their story is one for the ages.


Yes, given its premise, Spontaneous is absolutely shocking and can get pretty bloody when the need arises. But it's also immensely sweet and beyond poignant, a pitch-perfect allegory for growing up in this day and age.

If you're looking for something new to watch this week, or anytime in the near future, Spontaneous is more than worth your time. Give it a shot. You won't regret it.