Stan Lee Tribute Included in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Credits

In addition to an on-screen tribute during the film, comic book legend Stan Lee will get an "in memoriam" card in the closing credits to Kevin Smith's Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, the filmmaker revealed to his audience at the "Kevin Smith Reboots Hall H" panel at Comic Con International in San Diego on Saturday. Like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the card will come up during the film's closing credits, rather than the opening (as they did with Captain Marvel).

During the panel, Smith joked around about the effect of his near-fatal heart attack, which he said encouraged friends and celebrities to join Reboot in large numbers. During the course of that conversation, Smith talked about the number of single-actor title cards in the credits, and how it was about double what he had in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back in 2001. He also noted that between when the single-card credits happen and when the scrolling credits begin a minute later, there would be a title card paying homage to Lee, who passed away in November.

Lee, who appeared in 1995's Mallrats, remained friends with Smith for the rest of his life, and one of his final cameos in a Marvel Studios film was in Captain Marvel, set in the mid-'90s, where Lee was seen on a bus reading a screenplay for Mallrats and practising his lines.

One of the first images from Jay & Silent Bob Reboot's production included photos of Lee and a "game-worn" sweater from Lee that represents the day Brodie Bruce's life changed (in Mallrats).


In that film, Brodie was blindsided by the revelation that Lee was appearing at his local comic shop. Later in the movie, he ran into Lee while hanging out at the mall, and the comic book legend offered Brodie some much-needed perspective that helped him get his act together. Smith suggests that in earlier drafts of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, Lee was an important figure -- but that by the time he got the movie off the ground, Lee had passed away and was unable to make one of his trademark cameo appearances in the film.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is coming to theaters this fall.