Star Wars: Chris Pine Should Appear in Patty Jenkins' Rogue Squadron

The past month has definitely been a significant one for Patty Jenkins, as Wonder Woman 1984 made a record-breaking debut in theaters and on HBO Max over Christmas, with a third Wonder Woman movie officially being greenlit days later. Week's prior to the film's debut, it was revealed that Jenkins would be putting her stamp on another significant cinematic universe, with Disney and Lucasfilm announcing that she will be directing the next film in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. There's still a lot that remains a mystery about the project; as its plot, timeline in the Star Wars universe, and roster of characters are still a mystery. As fans are continuing to share their speculation and hopes for the project, one possibility has popped up -- that Chris Pine, who has collaborated with Jenkins on multiple projects, should definitely have some sort of role in the film.

Pine and Jenkins' partnership began with 2017's Wonder Woman, which saw the actor portraying iconic DC Comics pilot Steve Trevor, the foil-turned-love interest to Gal Gadot's Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. While that film clearly had a definite ending for Pine's character, his performance and his dynamic with Gadot captivated fans -- which made his return in Wonder Woman 1984 all the more of a surprise. Admittedly, Wonder Woman 1984 went to some very specific lengths to bring Steve Trevor back to life, but that culminated in an appearance that showed more of Pine's charm and comedic timing, with the help of Jenkins' direction and script. He also collaborated with Jenkins on the 2019 limited series I Am the Night, which earned critical acclaim and threw viewers into a spellbinding mystery.

It's no secret that Jenkins and Pine enjoy working together, with the director saying in multiple past interviews that she sees a lot of potential in the performances she can bring out of him. In 2019, Jenkins also teased that even if Steve Trevor doesn't return in Wonder Woman 3, she and Pine will "be working together plenty more". That, combined with Pine recently revealing that he knows the story for Rogue Squadron and thinks it's "really great", has got fans speculating if he could have some role in the film, even if it's just a supporting role or a glorified cameo.

If Pine appeared in Rogue Squadron, it would tick a lot of boxes -- it would continue the trend of him playing a pilot in projects directed by Jenkins, albeit in a more fantastical context than the Wonder Woman franchise. It would also give the film - which, again, could have any combination of characters, cast members, and connections to the established Star Wars timeline - a fan-favorite actor among its ensemble cast. Plus, it would arguably help make up for the fact that Pine's future as James Kirk in the Star Trek franchise has been up in the air for several years, after plans for him and Chris Hemsworth to return in Star Trek 4 stalled back in early 2019.

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is set to be released on December 25, 2023.