Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rumored To Have After Credits Scene

There are less than 100 days until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, and that means there will be about 100 new rumors between now and then. The latest comes from, who say an unnamed source claims Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have a post-credits scene.

That on its own isn't too difficult to believe. Lucasfilm sister company under Disney, Marvel Studios, after all, made the after-credits scene a staple of their films. They typically use it to tease their next film, the next chapter in their story. And that's where this particular rumor gets a little less believable.

They claim that the post-credits scene will actually involve Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That one takes place prior to the events of the original Star Wars (now known as Episode IV: A New Hope), over 30 years before the events of The Force Awakens. So why are we taking this rumor with a metric tonne of salt? Because it would seem to be a huge confusion of the storytelling they're going for to dip out of the episodes and into the "Story" films.

There is another option for a post-credits scene, of course, now that we know Star Wars: Episode VIII is starting to do some preliminary shooting this month in Ireland. We won't know for sure until December 18th.


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