Steven Spielberg Considering New 'Indiana Jones' Movie as Next Project

For his next trick, Steven Spielberg could be heading back to the desert for another ride with Indiana Jones.

According to Deadline, sources close to the legendary director have said that he's now considering which project he wants to take on next, following the critical success of The Post and production on the big-budget Ready Player One. Those same sources are saying that, of the several films Spielberg is considering, there are two he's leaning a little more heavily towards.

Spielberg's next movie will likely be either Indiana Jones, or West Side Story.

The director has been at the helm of every Indiana Jones movie to-date, though the last time he and the studio tried to bring the franchise back, it resulted in the widely-panned Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This time around however, Lucasfilm will have the backing of Walt Disney Studios, who has had massive success taking over the Star Wars franchise.

Back in 2015, it was revealed that Spielberg was keen on directing the fifth Indiana Jones film, and that he had his eye on Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt in the leading role, alongside Harrison Ford. David Koepp wrote the new Inidiana Jones script and Disney dated the potential film for a 2020 release.

If Spielberg does choose to go with Indiana Jones next, he could certainly make that tentative release date. His other option would be a modern take on West Side Story, which he has been hoping to direct for some time.