Superman and Lois Lane Top Best Comics Couples List

Just in time for Halloween, the folks over at have released a new infographic naming their seven favorite comics couples...

...and just in time for the release of today's Superman: Lois and Clark #1, Superman and Lois Lane top the list.

We're assuming that the list might not be in any particualr order, though. I mean...Reed and Sue Richards at the bottom?!

Comic Book Couples


Not represented? Peter Parker and...anyone. Apparently his on-screen chemistry with Gwen Stacy didn't do him much good since the Amazing Spider-Man franchise collapsed under its own weight, and the whole "deal with the devil" thing queered his chances of scoring a spot on the merits of his twenty-year marriage to Mary Jane Watson.

Halloween is just around the corner, so expect a lot more discussion of costumes and seasonal goodness over the next few weeks...!