Superman vs. The Elite, coming in June, gets its first trailer

Superman Vs. The Elite


, the next in DC Entertainment's line of direct-to-home video animated features starring DC Comics characters, will be released on June 12, according to a press release from Warner Brothers Home Video made available this morning. The film will adapt the fan-favorite, critically-acclaimed Action Comics #775, a story known as "What's So FunnyAbout Truth, Justice and the American Way?", which saw Superman struggling to stay relevant while facing off both physically and philosophically against a team of violent superheroes reminiscent of WildStorm's The Authority. George Newbern, who played Superman in the Justice League animated series, will star opposite Robin Atkin Downes, who will play Manchester Black. Downes is best known to fans as the voice of Harvey Dent in DC's recent Batman: Year One feature. The film will be screened this weekend at WonderCon in Anaheim, followed by a media availability from the stars, so expect to see plenty of interviews soon.