Tenet and Warner Bros. Reverse Course, Will Now Screen at LA Drive-In Theaters

Christopher Nolan's Tenet, the movie that wanted desperately to save theaters from the coronavirus shutdowns, was released in most cities around the country last weekend. However, the two biggest markets in the United States — New York and Los Angeles — remained closed, keeping Tenet away from audiences in those markets. Fans in those cities were especially frustrated because Warner Bros. would not allow Tenet to be played at drive-in theaters in cities where it wasn't also showing in theaters. It was a strange rule that made a lot of movie fans angry, but it looks like Warner Bros. is already walking it back.

This week, it was announced that Tenet could play at drive-in theaters after all, a move that was met with plenty of joy from moviegoers in the country's biggest cities. Los Angeles has typically been a massively successful market for Nolan's films, so the drive-ins will likely be backed for Tenet in the coming weeks. There is still no word as to when indoor theaters in the city will be allowed to reopen.

Starting this weekend, Tenet will be playing in five drive-in locations around Los Angeles. It will also screen at outdoor venues in Orange County, San Diego, Oakland, and San Francisco. Tenet is already playing at about 90 drive-in locations around the country.

Tenet has been heralded for its practical action sequences, many of which required the cast to film their parts twice, once going forward and once going backward. While speaking to ComicBook.com, star John David Washington admitted it that it was an incredibly demanding role.


"I mean, believe it or not the blinking, I got a couple of notes on my blinking when we were in inverted world," Washington told us. "And then obviously just the throws and the knowing how to catch a punch and evade a punch backwards. The defensive moves became the attack moves, the attack moves become defensive moves. So that concept as a whole just took a while to get a hold of and grasp."

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