Tenet: Warner Bros. CEO Defends Release Strategy

Warner Bros. CEO has stepped up to defend Tenet’s release strategy. It seems like everyone has an opinion on the company’s strategy for bringing out Christopher Nolan’s latest work. That would include WarnerMedia boss Ann Sarnoff. She talked to Deadline about a host of topics and defended Tenet from critics who might be questioning releasing a movie of this size and scope while the United States is still firmly entrenched in the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of venues have welcomed Nolan’s latest because of the desire to recoup their losses during the middle months of this year, but the public will prove if they’re ready to go back to the theater with their response to Tenet. Sarnoff thinks that there’s nothing wrong with the release strategy because the film has to be experienced on the big screen.

“I saw the movie for a second time last night, but with an audience and I’m on a cloud,” Sarnoff mused. “It’s so great on so many levels to be back in theater. It’s a movie that wants to be on a big screen.”

“You look across the hundreds of countries where we debuted Tenet, many more theaters were open in the U.S. and they were craving product,” she continued. “We’ve been analyzing numbers and consumer behavior, so we’ve been studying this since COVID began. We crunched the numbers and figured out a way to make it work. Don’t spend all your money upfront! Pace yourself, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.”

Sarnoff added, “Release it, don’t expect a huge opening weekend, but as you know, even though there’s reduced capacity, we’re getting more theaters per location. We felt this was the right thing, until there’s a vaccine, I don’t know how much it’s going to change between now and then. For the markets, where cases are low, and people feel safe to go to movies, I’m excited to give them this amazing movie.”

Comicbook.com’s Brandon Davis got to experience the film, here’s what he had to say:


“Tenet is a spectacle not only in its cinematic achievements but also in its time-bending details. The film is another masterpiece from the mind of filmmaker Christopher Nolan whose hits include Inception and The Dark Knight. This might be your first movie back in theaters in half of a year or more, so the added emotion when an IMAX theater roars to life in an action-packed opening sequence might get to you more than it normally would if you’re a movie buff finally back in your second home. Moreover, the opening moments set the stage for the often puzzling but ultimately very rewarding adventure which follows.”

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