'Terminator: Dark Fate': Gabriel Luna Teases His Deadly New Terminator

CinemaCon 2019 revealed the first footage from Terminator: Dark Fate, which brings back franchise leads Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton for a direct sequel to T2, which will also introduce some game-changing new elements into the franchise. With franchise creator James Cameron back onboard as a producer, and Deadpool's Tim Miller directing this new installment, fans have been cautiously optimistic that Terminator could be headed for a major turnaround.

Another promising sign for Terminator 6 has been the casting of actor Gabriel Luna as a new Terminator on the hunt for a human target in the past who could be key to the future. Luna gained major geek culture cred when he was cast as Marvel's new Ghost Rider in the Agents of SHIELD TV series, so making the jump to Terminator: Dark Fate is only increasing his fandom. We had the chance to speak with Luna during the CinemaCon press junket for Terminator: Dark Fate, and he let us now a bit about how he will be putting his stamp on the iconic hunter/killer robot role:

"It's really hard to describe, because for me when I first got the part there was no script. So I spent a lot of time - more time than I should divulge - just standing in front of a mirror, just trying to develop the physical vocabulary of what he is, what's important. The head pitched forward in pursuit; the fluidity and the points of focus and all these things. And that's all I could work on, you know? So am sitting there, like, 'What is a Terminator to me?' and I'm breaking it down and building it up from the ground.

And then I got the script and I realized what Tim [Miller's] and Jim [Cameron's] vision of this Terminator is, and tried to marry the two, and then align them with what The Terminator has been in my imagination for 36 years or whatever."

If you're wondering what Miller and Cameron's vision is, read the breakdown of Gabriel Luna's Terminator's fearsome scene that was featured in the first Terminator: Dark Fate footage shown at CinemaCon:

"...Gabriel Luna’s Terminator forms near a car crash. Mackenzie Davis’ character is protecting Dani Ramos' character and tells her, 'When they start to kill me run.' Suddenly, Linda Hamilton pulls up in a truck and hits one of the Terminators with her car before emerging and turning her attention to Luna’s. She destroys him with a gun, sending him off the bridge, just before using a rocket launcher to blast the other machine. A montage of clips plays. It’s violent, it’s dark, it’s tremendously computerized and appears to be establishing a fully immersive world. Back to the bridge, Hamilton drops a grenade and tells Davis, 'I’ll be back.' Sarah Conner walks off, pulling out a shotgun as the explosion is carried out behind her."

You can watch the full interview with Gabriel Luna above - or read Comicbook.com's Brandon Davis breakdown all of the Terminator: Dark Fate CinemaCon footage HERE.

Terminator: Dark Fate lands in theaters on November 1st.



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