'Terminator' Star Linda Hamilton Reveals Her Favorite Moment in the Franchise

Actress Linda Hamilton had a breakout year in 1984, thanks to starring in the Stephen King adaptation Children of the Corn and, more famously, The Terminator. Hamilton's Sarah Connor immediately became a powerful figure in science fiction, as audiences not only saw her go toe-to-toe with a time-traveling cyborg, but also demonstrated a deep romantic connection with Kyle Reese, with the actress playing both ends of the emotional spectrum effortlessly. Hamilton returned for Terminator 2: Judgment Day, reminding audiences that she was as much of a badass as ever. The actress returns to the series for the first time in more than 25 years with Terminator: Dark Fate, admitting that her favorite moment in the franchise unfolded in the first film.

When speaking with Fandango, Hamilton detailed, "In terms of like where I was at the time...I think that first film, 'You're terminated f**cker,' because that was just day nine in a row and I was covered with bruises and it just took so much."

Making the scene in which Connor kills the cyborg felt even more realistic, thanks to the practical effects used on set.

"The hand that's coming in at (me), it's like (an actual hand) because we didn't have anything else in those days," Hamilton admitted. "(It) was a 250-pound arm that they're throwing at my neck and the sense of, just danger and getting through this, it was very, very authentic. Slipping in, you know, fruit juice at the factory, it was just, it was very authentic."

Hamilton returns to the series for Terminator: Dark Fate, though Sarah Connor might have a tougher time dispatching the newest incarnation of the killer, with Gabriel Luna teasing how deadly his character is.

"It's really hard to describe, because for me when I first got the part there was no script," Luna shared with ComicBook.com. "So I spent a lot of time - more time than I should divulge - just standing in front of a mirror, just trying to develop the physical vocabulary of what he is, what's important. The head pitched forward in pursuit; the fluidity and the points of focus and all these things. And that's all I could work on, you know? So am sitting there, like, 'What is a Terminator to me?' and I'm breaking it down and building it up from the ground."

Terminator: Dark Fate lands in theaters on November 1st.

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