The Best Movie Script Brian Michael Bendis Read In 2013 Hasn't Been Announced


It's the end of the year, and everybody is putting together lists of their favorite books, movies comics and so on. We'll be giving a little thought to that this week, too. So it's no surprise that fans on comics writer Brian Michael Bendis's Tumblr account asked him for a rundown of his favorite movies he's seen, and scripts he's read, this in 2013. What was somewhat more surprising is that Bendis's favorite script of the year yet is something that hasn't even been announced yet--which begs the question: what's he got sitting on his nightstand? The obvious answer would be a Marvel Comics adaptation, since Bendis is part of the comics brain trust that contributes to the feature film division--but there are other options as well. In another recent post, this one talking about his projects for 2014, he name-dropped a number of his creator-owned projects, only one of which (Powers) has been officially announced for an other-media adaptation: "Well, now that Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man is done I might have to find something else to fill that space in my life," he wrote. "But I have a lot of creator owned work to focus on including Powers, Brilliant, Scarlet, and the upcoming United States of Murder Inc." Any one of those might be as or more likely than a Marvel title--although obviously with Dr. Strange, The Inhumans, Black Panther and more, it seems as though Marvel has a number of film projects that are probably at least in draft stages and have yet to be officially announced, even if everyone knows they're coming. And, of course, all of this presupposes that the project in question is something Bendis is directly involved in, and not just something where a friend or colleague asked his opinion on an as-yet-unannounced draft.