Brandon Lee's Screen-Used The Crow Costume Sells for $25,000 at Auction

the crow movie poster brandon lee 1994
(Photo: Dimension Films)

The comic book The Crow inspired multiple feature films and regularly earns reports that a reboot is being developed, though most fans have enough admiration for the original 1994 adaptation of the James O'Barr story that they don't have much interest in seeing a new take on the material. Confirming just how much fans love the original, an outfit worn by the late star Brandon Lee sold at auction over the weekend for $25,000 at GWS Auctions. The ensemble consists of a trenchcoat, distressed shirt, and leather pants and was reported to have been worn by Lee in multiple scenes of the film. The actor tragically passed away while shooting the film due to a weapons malfunction on set.

All three sequels to the original film failed to capture the attention of audiences as effectively as its debut outing, though the comic book series continues to move forward, as the nature of the lore allows itself to be reinvented on a regular basis. The original film saw Eric Draven (Lee) and his wife murdered, with the spirit of a crow allowing him to come back to life to seek vengeance against those who committed the crimes. Each film and various comic series allow the spirit of the crow to be the driving force as opposed to continuing the narrative of one specific character.

The most recent attempt to revive the project came from The Nun director Corin Hardy, which was set to star Jason Momoa. One of the last updates on that project came in 2018 when Hardy shared photos of Momoa in The Crow makeup, detailing the difficult decision to walk away from the project.

the crow outfit brandon lee auction
(Photo: GWS Auctions)

One of Lee's co-stars in the film, Ernie Hudson, recently detailed how he felt the franchise itself died along with the passing of Lee.

"Well, James O'Barr is a friend and he created this thing as his graphic novel. And Brandon taking it on, I knew Brandon before we did the movie," Hudson shared with "We had some problems sort of pulling it together, but when Brandon died, it's even hard to verbalize. I've done action movies, but nobody gets hurt. I mean, it's close to impossible, at least in my mind that that could happen, but it did happen. And so, I love being a part of that movie and Alex Proyas, who directed it, he was a wonderful director, he really took special care to make sure the movie was what it is. But, in my mind, it was kind of done."

He added, "Maybe there could be other Crows or whatever, but, it's not like Ghostbusters, which I thought, 'Oh yeah, you can have a lot of them.' I just thought Brandon was The Crow and, as far as I was concerned, once he died and we went back to finish it, it was done in my mind. I know they've made others, but I've never seen them. Brandon was The Crow, and that's how I feel. Now, fans feel otherwise. Obviously, the studio feels otherwise, because it could be a great franchise, but sometimes I think it's very specific."


Stay tuned for details on the potential future of The Crow franchise.

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