The Fantastic Four Want To Fight The X-Men

With all the super heroes seeming to be at odds lately, with Batman v. Superman and Captain America: Civil War pitting some of comics and cinema's biggest super heroes against each other, one would naturally wonder if the day comes for X-Men and Fantastic Four to share a screen, will they be allies or enemies? had the chance to talk with Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell at a Fantastic Four press event in Atlanta and posed the question to the Fantastic cast. You can read the exchange below.


CB: Would you guys want to see a team up or fight?

Jamie Bell: That's a good question.

Michael B. Jordan: Both.

Jamie Bell: I'd love to batter someone.

Michael B. Jordan: Yeah!

Jamie Bell: I'd love to batter Wolverine.

CB: But Hugh Jackman is done!

Jamie Bell: I'd love to batter him before he's done.

CB: You guys think you could get Hugh Jackman to come back if it's an X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover?

Jamie Bell: I think so. I think Hugh will just keep doing it.

Kate Mara: Didn't he announce it?

Jamie Bell: He did announce it. He said "Old Man Logan." He'll do it. If Bryan [Singer] is doing it, he'll do it.

CB: So, who wins that fight, then?

Jamie Bell: Oh, I'd batter him. I'm telling you. He's not getting up. He's going home.

Michael B. Jordan: I love it!

Would The Thing actually beat down Wolverine? Jamie Bell sure seems to think so!

The X-Men and Fantastic Four have thrown down in the comics before. In a 1987 four-issue run written by Chris Claremont, the two groups did battle when Reed Richards claimed his technology couldn't save Kitty Pride from the atoms in her body drifting apart. Magneto insists Reed is lying and the mutants are left indebted to Dr. Doom for his help in saving Kitty.

If the Fantastic Four end up traveling through time, the elements sure seem to be there for a crossover of this sort to happen on the big screen, given the characters set to be introduced in X-Men: Apocalypse and already set up through Days of Future Past and First Class.

Would you like to see the Fantastic Four clash with the X-Men on the big screen? Or would you rather see the two ensembles team-up and save the world?

Fantastic Four hits theaters August 7.