The New Mutants Gets Smashed On Rotten Tomatoes By Critics

The New Mutants is finally hitting theaters, and after the long wait, the film isn't exactly making the greatest impression on critics. The film has debuted with a pretty rough score on Rotten Tomatoes, though things are slightly better among audiences. As of right now, The New Mutants has a 29% amongst critics from 14 total reviews. The audience score is better, as 163 ratings have brought it to an average of 56%, though that's also not stellar. There isn't exactly one particular element that throws the movie off for critics, as many cite the whole thing as either average, forgettable, or in one case, the worst the franchise has offered.

That's rough, and's Charlie Ridgely agreed with that sentiment in his review of the film, which you can read an excerpt from below. The full review can be found here.

"Whether it's because The New Mutants didn't really have a normal post-production process, or because the movie was just subpar to begin with, nothing about the enticing idea is fleshed out in the final product," Ridgely wrote. "It's a slow-moving chore of a film for the first 45 minutes or so, using weak dialogue to attempt setting up a compelling conflict between characters. We've seen catty teenagers snap at each other before, often times with way better insults, so the game here is nothing new."

Other reviews also point out the film not meeting its significant potential, with Barry Hertz writing "It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where Boone goes wrong, because there are just so many options to choose from."

Scott Mendelson is far less kind, writing "It's the worst X-Men movie ever, akin to watching a terrible TV pilot for a series that you already know didn't get picked up."

Travis Hopson also says any hope of MCU inclusion is out the window, writing "The New Mutants is almost certainly the end of the line, and Boone doesn't do enough to justify its inclusion as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

You can find the official description for The New Mutants below.


"20th Century Studios in association with Marvel Entertainment presents The New Mutants, an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring. When strange occurrences begin to take place, both their new mutant abilities and their friendships will be tested as they battle to try and make it out alive."

The New Mutants is in theaters now.