The Rock and Kevin Hart Surprise Jumanji: The Next Level Screening With Free Movie Tickets for a Year

With Jumanji: The Next Level already well into its theatrical run, the press tour for the sequel has essentially wrapped up, at least that's what you would think of a major blockbuster movie at this point. Earlier this week stars Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock and Kevin Hart geared up for Christmas in some fun costumes, but now we know exactly why they put on these cheerful duds: they wanted to surprise some theaters full of fans. Not only did they intend to surprise movie goers eager to see "The Next Level," they decided to spread some Christmas cheer in the form of movie snacks, Sony PlayStation 4s, and even free movie tickets for a year. Check out the video of the giveaway below!

"This is why we made this movie," Hart said in the video. "We made this movie to get exactly this. To bring everybody out to the theater and bring them closer together."

"It's so great to see you guys," Johnson added. "You know, Kevin and I we've been promoting Jumanji around the world for the past couple months now. We surprised audiences last week at a theater and Kevin and I thought 'Let's find another theater and let's take it to the next level.'"

"We love making movies. We love our jobs," Har concluded. "And I'm gonna tell you something, we really love seeing people smile. We really love seeing this type of impact that we can have. We love you guys more than you will ever know."

In addition to Johnson and Hart, Jumanji: The Next Level saw the return of Karen Gillan, Jack Black, Nick Jonas, Rhys Darby, and the first film's cast of teens, Ser'Darius Blain, Madison Iseman, Morgan Turner, and Alex Wolff. The movie will also see franchise newcomers Awkwafina, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, and Dania Ramirez.

Also returning is director Jake Kasdan, who is working with a script from Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner. Last year, Kasdan spoke about his love for this revitalized franchise and seemed excited about what's to come.

"It's a big part of what we've all loved about that story and that movie was that it was this big fantasy that has kind of like a real kind of like strong, emotional center to it, and I do think that's a big part of what DJ responded to about it in the first place, and I know it's a big part of what I loved about it," Kasdan said. "So part of the challenge of figuring out how it continues is to keep that alive in ways that feel earned and, you know, like a true continuation of the story."


Jumanji: The Next Level is now playing in theaters everywhere.