The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Asks For Help With Peacemaker Question

The Suicide Squad is hitting theaters next year and features an awesome cast, including John Cena as Peacemaker. After fans caught a first glimpse of the film at DC FanDome, they've been taking to social media to ask director James Gunn some questions. He's revealed that DC didn't prevent him from using any characters, and shared some movies that provided inspiration for the film. Recently, artist Christopher Jones asked Gunn if Peacemaker being in The Suicide Squad marks the first live-action appearance from a Charlton Comics character.

"I'd like to know myself," Gunn replied. "Anyone know whether a Charlton character's ever been portrayed in live-action? A cursory search couldn't find anything (other than Watchmen, of course, based on the Charlton characters & who Alan Moore originally intended to use in the series)" The director got his response. "So that was quick! It seems Ted Kord, the original Blue Beetle, was definitely on Smallville, beating Peacemaker to the live-action." You can check out the posts below:

Earlier this year, John Cena praised Gunn's commitment to the craft, saying the director behind The Suicide Squad and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is one of the most dedicated filmmakers he's worked with.

“When I watch Guardians, immediately I’m connected to these people and I walk away with a certain takeaway from that movie,” Cena said in January. “It has nothing to do with the preconceived notions of the comic book characters. I watched the movie for the movie and I enjoy it. I’m also a storyteller at heart. I got to go out there on a nightly basis in WWE and entertain Birmingham, Alabama and make them want to believe that they want to see a WWE title switch or that so-and-so hates so-and-so or whatever story we’re trying to put together for that night. So I tip my cap to a great storyteller. James is a writer and a developer and he has great vision.”


"I can tell you that [The Suicide Squad is] going to be incredible," Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) previously said of the film. ”And again, it's just interesting to see what a different filmmaker makes of Gotham and these characters and Harley, really. I'm fascinated by what James Gunn finds interesting in her compared to what [Birds of Prey director] Cathy [Yan] finds interesting, compared to what [Suicide Squad director] David [Ayer] found interesting about her. [James is] such a comic book lover, so it's going to be rooted in the source material, which is always important to me.”

The Suicide Squad is currently set for release on August 6, 2021.