Thor: Grey's Anatomy Star Becomes the God of Thunder in New Concept Art

Long before Chris Hemsworth was cast as the God of Thunder, the artists within Marvel Studios' [...]

Long before Chris Hemsworth was cast as the God of Thunder, the artists within Marvel Studios' visual development department were allowed certain liberties in crafting their key art. When it comes to former visual dev head Charlie Wen, that meant using Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd in the role. In a post to Instagram over the weekend, Wen revealed he imagined McKidd in the role at the time, just as a basis for the character.

"Thought you might enjoy another very early Thor concept done even before preproduction started," Wen writers. "I was trying out different actors to based #Thor on since @chrishemsworth didn't have the role yet at the time. This was based on @therealkmckidd."

Not surprising, the piece of art looks like you'd expect from the God of Thunder. Even though the piece obviously doesn't feature the likeness of Thor superstar Chris Hemsworth, it's still very much Thor Odinson. Earlier this year, Thor helmer Kenneth Branagh even went the length to say Hemsworth's initial audition for the Avenger wasn't his best effort.

"I keep up with the pair of them," Branagh revealed. "They've become good friends. I think they think of me as an old crusty professor,. You know, kind of an older advisor, occasionally. They're both terrific guys, I'm so fond of them."

He added, "They did a wonderful job…. I just didn't know how much it would change their lives, but it did and I'm glad it did. It changed mine, too." The director went on to share that Hemsworth's original audition "was not his best" and Randi Hiller, the "head of casting at Disney and now Fox," recognized that he deserved another shot. "Both Tom and Chris owe Randi a few cards and Sarah [Halley Finn] as well over the years, too."

Thor: Love and Thunder is set for release on February 11, 2022. The first three Thor movies are now streaming on Disney+.

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