Tim Allen Shares Funny Story About Cursing On 'Santa Clause' Set

Tim Allen might have delighted audiences in Disney's Santa Clause films, but things were a little less G-rated behind the scenes.

In an interview on Norm Macdonald Live, Allen recalled a memorable moment on the set of the franchise, which culminated in him unintentionally swearing in front of a group of child actors.

"We're doing a Jerry Bruckheimer opening with a periscope, and it was a big opening where the camera comes around, catches me and the North Pole." Allen explained. "Bruckheimer helped us set up this big shot, it was a great deal. And then there's four kids behind me, they're just in the background. But it's always, I came from seven boys, two girls, it's always the big one and the little one pinching each other."

This action ended up causing a bit of a disruption on set, especially with the intricacies that went into filming the scene.

"We've already established these kids [in the shot], so you can't stop this whole thing." Allen recalled. "And the big kid [kept pinching] the little one, and they're like 'He pinched me first!' And I'm like 'Guys, it doesn't matter.' That's take #27. Just gotta get around to get me, I do a blink at the camera, the kids are right here, and we've already established them."

Eventually, Allen's young co-stars pinching each other was too distracting, causing him to let out a certain swear word.

"It gets right to here, we're two seconds from cut, and the kid [goes] 'He pinched me again!'" Allen revealed. "And I just went 'Fuck!' And the whole set went quiet, and in the ear piece, you can hear 'Santa just said "Fuck."'

The experience ended up proving rather memorable for Allen, especially considering how Disney attempted to handle it.


"And all these kids froze." Allen added. "And then they had a Disney guy [come in and say] 'He said, "Fuke." It's a Swedish word. It means "take a break."' I learned my lesson."

The trio of Santa Clause films, which spanned from 1994 to 2006, might not remain holiday classics for everybody, but Allen's story is definitely one to remember. Disney is set to tell another story involving the holiday icon soon, with a female Santa Claus film starring Anna Kendrick and Shirley MacLaine.