Director Says Recording Toy Story 4 With Key & Peele Was a "Highlight" of His Pixar Career

The fourth, and likely final film in the beloved Toy Story franchise is hitting theaters in just a few weeks and, in addition to bringing fan-favorite characters like Buzz and Woody back to the big screen, this movie will introduce a handful of new faces, portrayed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Christina Hendricks and Keanu Reeves are among the new voices joining the franchise cast this time around, but the new characters that most fans are looking forward to in Toy Story 4 are Ducky and Bunny, a duo of stuffed animals voiced by popular comedy partners Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

The duo's Key & Peele sketch comedy show was an absolute phenomenon during its run on Comedy Central, launching both men to household name status rather quickly. Everyone loves these guys, including the team that brought them on to Toy Story 4.

During a press conference at Pixar Animation Studios last month, director Josh Cooley revealed that Key and Peele were some of the first cast members to record dialogue for Toy Story 4, beginning their work nearly four years ago. As the script evolved, so did the performance of Key and Peele, improvising lines and playing off of one another with each and every recording session.

Cooley raved about their performances, going as far as to say that working alongside Key and Peele was one of the highlights of his time at Pixar.

"They were on really early and as the story evolved and changed, they were always a part of it and always, always there," Cooley explained. "And watching them perform is one of the highlights of working here that I have ever had. It's just those two guys they know each other so well. We always recorded them together in the same room because they just bounce off each other so well. They are hilarious as we all know. But the thing that blew me away was how they were able to improv and, but stay on point in the moment and feel like its not just being funny for the funny sake but its like their supporting story. Every take was supporting the story. And they were a joy to work with."

In the movie, Ducky and Bunny are prizes on the wall of a carnival game, who get mixed up into the action when someone working at the carnival finds Buzz and puts him up on the prize wall beside them. When the trio eventually escapes, they aid Buzz in his search for Woody.


There is no doubt that Key and Peele will be excellent additions to the Toy Story 4 cast, and we're excited to see what they bring to the table when the movie finally arrives next month.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21st.