Transformers: Age of Extinction Ready to Roll Out After Chinese Company Drops Lawsuit

A Chinese lawsuit that hoped to force a re-edit on Transformers: Age of Extinction has been set aside, clearing the way for the film's release Friday.

The Beijing Pangu Investment Co. Ltd. said the two sides "have gained mutual trust and reached understanding," days after it demanded the removal of any reference to or depiction of its property over an alleged contractual default.

"Because a third party created some misunderstanding, we were having some disagreement with Paramount," said Norman Song, general manager of the Pangu 7 Star Hotel. "After several days of intense discussion, we came to an agreement."

Director Michael Bay said he wanted to "put all this misunderstanding aside." Neither side provided details, per an AP report.


The original report on the lawsuit also indicated that there was little chance the lawsuit woudl impact the film or release date.