Venom 2 Halloween Costume Could Hint at Spider-Man's Involvement

A Venom 2 Halloween costume could possibly hint at Spider-Man’s involvement in the sequel. Some images from Party City’s version of the tie-in costume have fans raising their eyebrows. @ITSYOBOITOM1 and others have been wondering what’s up with the spider insignia on the character’s chest. It was nowhere near that pronounced in the first film and here we are with the white logo front and center in movie number two. There has been some huge speculation that Tom Holland will turn up in Tom Hardy’s next adventure. A new Venom costume would gesture towards their timelines colliding again. It is no secret that Sony wanted all of the toys under one roof once Venom succeeded the way it did in theaters. Maybe the sequel will provide a clearer roadmap to the symbiote crossing paths with the young Spider-Man.

DNEG VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin spoke to near the release of the film about manifesting Venom’s dominating presence. Comic influences like that spider logo definitely played their role.

"You know, we looked at all the comics series," Franklin explained. "We looked at, a lot obviously, Lethal Protector, which was a big inspiration for the film in general, and that gave us something to work from. We also spent a lot of time looking at Venom: Dark Origin, a more recent interpretation of Venom. And, that is to say, what we responded to though, was the ever-changing, dynamic nature of the character.

"But ultimately, you have to let the thing be a little bit of its own thing for the screen, because what works on a comic book page, style-wise, ostensibly two-dimensional universe, doesn't necessarily work when you transform it into an image that's on the screen. I need to think about the way that other comic book characters, their costumes and things, have been observed over the years,” he added. “Characters like Superman, you can compare him to the original single version of the character back in the '30s to how he looks in the movies now. You've gotta allow it to breathe in the cinematic universe. And so, that was the jumping off point for us. And then it was a process of experimentation trial and error to get something which worked well in the film world."

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