Werewolf by Night Director Teases MCU's Reaction to Monsters

Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino teased how the MCU would react to all these monsters around. He chatted with Comicbook.com's Phase Zero to talk up the spooky Halloween special. Werewolf by Night let the fans know that these specters have been around this universe since before the Avengers were assembled. How will that play into the future of the MCU? Well, Kevin Feige says that it will be important as things move forward. For Giacchino, the story was more about recognizing the humanity in these creatures instead of just rushing to do battle with them. There's definitely something to learn there!

"I think the whole point of this was just to say, 'Oh, by the way, monsters actually exist in the MCU snd it's not something we've covered yet but they're here.' And traditionally, when you see a monster in the MCU, it's just something that comes through that needs to be killed," the filmmaker began. "And it's like, like I was saying before, but let's take a different approach and look at this from a different angle and say, this is the known universe, you know the Avengers, you know all of that but we're going to show you something that we haven't shown you before that actually exists and we haven't really talked about it and it's a very underground a thing. So have they ever interacted before? I don't know. I don't know. They all live in the same world together."

"I have my ideas about what has happened outside the boundaries of this particular story, but none of that is, that's just for my own reference, the way I look at these things. But I don't know, in the comics werewolf by night fights Spiderman so you assume that they would met up at some point and maybe Peter Parker's just like, God, that was a weird night. That's just a story. He tells his friends over drinks," Giacchino said. "There was this one time I had to go to San Francisco to do this thing, and God, I met this thing. I think it was a werewolf. I know it's crazy. Yeah, they're all in the mix. The spotlight has not been on them before in the way that we're going to start doing now."

Would He Consider Directing Blade?

"Look, I love Blade. I think that's an amazing character. It's one of my favorites. But I feel like that thing is already in motion in a way and I'm in motion in other things as well," the director shared. "Timing wise is a little crazy. So I feel like I want that to be a great movie. I want that to be an awesome movie because that character deserves it in a huge way. But yeah, right now, no."

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