Will Smith Gives Hysterical Toast to Jaden Smith on His 21st Birthday

The family of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has charmed Hollywood in an array of rays, and it looks [...]

The family of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has charmed Hollywood in an array of rays, and it looks like even their birthday celebrations are pretty darn memorable. Model and media personality Jordyn Woods recently shared a video from Jaden Smith's 21st birthday party, where Will delivered a hilariously honest toast. You can check it out above.

"Here's to being a grown man, and here's to being off my insurance," Will jokes in the video. "Here's to paying your own bills. I'm about to have my accountant transfer all your stuff tomorrow morning! But keep doing you man, we love you and we're very proud of you."

Woods, who has been friends with Jaden since they were kids, previously took to Instagram to share some rather adorable throwback photos of the two of them.

Will and Jaden have shared the screen together several times over the years, including in 2006's The Pursuit of Happyness and 2013's After Earth. As it turns out, the father and son duo have gotten into some hilarious predicaments over the years.

"I got the emergency call, okay?" Smith explained during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month. "So a girl asked Jaden to go to her prom, so Jaden decided he was going to wear a white Batman suit to her prom. So he informed her the night before, at which point she told her father, and Jada and I get the emergency call. And her father's like 'Hey guys, Jaden just informed Mecca that he's going to wear a Batman suit to her prom. And I'm just calling you guys for a little help here.' And Jada said 'Sir, listen. I am really sorry, but here's the truth. Just tell her to uninvite him!' She was like 'It is going to be no problem with this family. Jaden is not a prom date kind of kid.'"

"So I tried to talk to him, I was like 'Jaden, man. It's the girl's thing, man. You can't wear a Batman suit to the girl's prom, man.'" Smith continued. "And he said 'Dad, I'll compromise. I'll wear a tie.' And he ended up putting a tie over the Batman suit. So the next day, he's like 'Dad, I promise, it will be the best time of her life.' And the next day, he comes in and shows me that he was trending, #1 - Jaden Smith, with the Batman suit at the prom. It was trending #1. And #2 was 'ISIS'. And he looked at me and he said 'Dad, I agree with you that something's wrong with the world. It's not me.'"

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