Warwick Davis Reveals Status of Willow Sequel on Disney+

Last year ahead of Disney+'s launch it was revealed that a sequel series to George Lucas's 1988 cult classic Willow was in development for the streaming platform. At the time, director Ron Howard revealed that there were discussions with Jon Kasdan about developing the series then, earlier this month, Kasdan himself weighed in with a post on social media that revealed the Writer's room was officially going for the series. However, original Willow star Warwick Davis is now also chiming in on the sequel, clarifying the situation a bit.

In an interview with Inverse, Davis explained that while there is work going on for the project, nothing has been definitively green lit just yet for the series, just a lot of enthusiasm and work on development.

"The internet has got a little bit ahead of us here," Davis said. "There's a lot of work on development and working out what this potentially could be, but there's no definite green light, go, we're doing this. There's a lot of work going on. The right people have come together. There's a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of goodwill from the right people and also from the fans. I think that's what's really so heartwarming is the enthusiasm from people around the world. So, yeah, no definite news there. I think there's a firm chance that this is going to be something that becomes a reality. Definitely."

Willow was an epic fantasy film released in 1988, written by George Lucas himself and directed by Howard. Starring Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer, the film told the story of young Willow (Davis) who happens upon the abandoned baby Elora Danan. Danan is the focal point of an ancient prophecy that will see her bring about the end of the wicked Queen Bavmorda. The film was a modest hit upon release, though not exactly reaching Star Wars levels of success at the global box office. It has gone on to become a fan favorite in many circles.

For Davis, there's a lot of personal excitement and enthusiasm for the project.


"I'd love to do this. When I did the movie I was 17, and it was a steep learning curve to play the character. Ron Howard was an integral part of my being able to do it," Davis said. "Now I feel, as an actor, I've learned a lot over the years. And to play the character older would be fascinating. I mean he's older, he's wiser -- has he learned to become a sorcerer? Has he mastered the craft? What's been going on in the world of Willow? So yes, if we do get to do this, there'll be a wonderful story to tell, I'm sure. And I'll greatly relish the opportunity."

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