X-Men: Apocalypse Will Be Biggest X-Men Movie Yet And Introduce New Characters

X-Men Apocalypse MovieX-Men: Days of Future Past

was by far the biggest X-Men movie yet, bringing together both the new and the old cast. So what will 20th Century Fox do for X-Men: Apocalypse? According to screenwriter Simon Kinberg, X-Men: Apocalypse will be even bigger that X-Men: Days of Future Past, although in a different way. When asked about the approach for X-Men: Apocalypse during an Empire Magazine podcast, Kinberg said, "I'll be vague about it. As a writer, I would rather not have to do alternate reality again, and I feel like we really committed hard to that in Days of Future Past, and one of the things that I know all of us, Lauren Shuler Donner, myself, Bryan, the studio want to be able to do with these movies is make them fresh and different every time." "And in a way almost create a different genre within the genre each time, which my favorite superhero movies do," continued Kinberg. "Like Days of Future Past is a time travel movie. Apocalypse is a disaster movie. And those are viable genres without super powers. And when you add super powers and comic book heroes to that kind of a genre suddenly you have something that feels a little different than the superhero movies that have come before it." "In terms of the alternate realities, there may be a little bit of that in the film, but we really are still at the early stages of figuring it out," added Kinberg. "I will just say as the writer I don't know if I can handle having to tell more than one linear story any time soon. And that one linear story being still eight characters you've got to service." When asked if X-Men: Apocalypse would be the biggest X-Men movie yet, Kinberg replied, "Yeah, I think from a standpoint of scope and scale visually, it will be the biggest X-Men movie we've ever had. One carte blanche, Future Past is the biggest because of the cast. We're not going to have every member of the X-Men in the history of the films, but we will have some new X-Men that will give it its own unique flavor. Because it takes place years after Days of Future Past, there's an opportunity to start to tell origin stories of other characters we haven't told yet. But for sure, Apocalypse is going to be from a visual and powers perspective the most powerful villain the X-Men have ever faced."