X-Men: Days Of Future Past Deleted Rogue Scene Revealed

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Prior to the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past it had been revealed that Rogue, played by Anna Paquin, had been largely removed from the film. Some clarification was needed on the point but eventually it was clarified that Rogue would still be appearing in the film, but in a much smaller cameo-like role. Rogue was originally intended to have a big, set piece action sequence where fans would finally get to see her fully-powered. The scene was removed because it didn't push the plot of the film forward. With the film now released, we can see that a piece of that scene did make it into the first trailer. Writer Simon Kinberg had previously told Collider that the scene was intended to take place early in the film, with Professor X and Magneto in the future rescuing Rogue from a prison camp. "The biggest chunk we took out of the film from first cut to final cut was the Rogue plot," Kinberg said. "And that was the sub-plot that has now been well-publicized, but that I created, not actually to bring Rogue into the movie, though that was a wonderful consequence, but more that I wanted to have—and this was in the early script phase—I wanted a mission for old Charles and old Erik, for Magneto and Xavier to go off on a mission together." The above screenshot comes from the trailer, which we've included below. This scene does not occur in the film, and so is likely from the deleted Rogue sequence. The entire scene will likely be included on the Blu-ray release on X-Men: Days of Future Past. X-Men: Days of Future Past is currently in theaters.